Jun 20 2014

Un dragon au Château/ Tourbillon


Few months ago, I was asked to illustrate and design this book: now that it’s finally out, I can’t be happier because it really turned out great! It was lot of fun, and luckily I was able to maintain the color palette very simple with few different shades of grey and brown and with just blue and red to personify the bad dragon and the good guys.


050604I realized I usually don’t share too much (or anything at all) about my sketches, so I decided it was time to share: (click on the image to enlarge)


First step: the shape of the castle.

castle2Second step: the sketch. In this phase I prefer to spend more time drawing the characters rather then focusing on the background.

castle3Third step: I draw every character and stall of the illustration on a separate level, so if there are any corrections, I’ll be able to whip them up quickly.

Jun 10 2014

Inchiostro Festival/The day after:

10440871_10203761511419600_5204152990865016363_nIt’s been a wonderful adventure, packed with fun, laughs, lots of great people, amazing illustrators and definitely  too many beers! ;) These are some of the pics from my instagram + others from the real photographers of the event! Thanks guys, it has been super fun!






10398671_255975251257492_4216264548236075405_nillustration by Riccardo Guasco

Jun 5 2014

Inchiostro Festival


I’ll be at the Inchiostro Festival in Alessandria in a couple of days, if  you’re near by, stop by and say Hi! I’ll be there for two whole days, drawing in the beautiful colonnade of Santa Maria di Castello (Alessandria) with lots of other talented illustrators :) I’ll share some pics, as soon as I’ll be back!10442499_318516368305523_2104848790276422052_n

Can you recognize my poster? I’m the first one on the left!

May 30 2014

Latest news: Book expo NY & AIAP 33



Remember my serie about yoga? After the show at the Bologna Book Fair ended, the originals are currently traveling to Japan, for multiple shows there. It seems that with big surprise, some reproductions were showed at the italian stand of Book Expo America (New York, Javiz Center, 29-31 maggio) YAY!!! They just told me today, so I didn’t get the chance to send a little spy over there to snap some pics, but luckily  the organization send me this one above, so it’s a win-win!


I was happy  also to receive this other news from the Usa, that the illustration (the Gnudi) that I submitted to the American Illustration 33 competitions has been chosen to appear online as part of The AI-AP ARCHIVE. My image of Gnudi will appear permanently there, along others from illustrator all over the world.  Take a look and find me on The Archive!

Apr 3 2014

Spring is in the air

screen-shot-2014-03-23-at-1928401 Spring is all around us and all I want to do is falling in a long loooooong sleep. I’ll get the time to rest soon (I really hope so!)  as soon as the time to write a report from the Bologna Bookfair and the Illustrator’s show. I really had a great time, definitely my favorite fair since I’ve started this journey. I’m preparing a photo post for next week, get ready! :)

Mar 20 2014

BBF 2014+ Mostra degli illustratori


Come da rito, tra pochi giorni si aprirà a Bologna la fiera del libro per ragazzi, e come ogni anno sarò lì a fare i miei giretti per case editrici, mostre e a prendere caffè a ruota libera con gli altri illustratori :)

Avevo già annunciato la  Biiiig news  di quest’anno qui, ma per chi se la fosse persa, quest’anno sarò presente con la mia serie “Yoga” all’interno della mostra illustratori.

Una lista di tutti i selezionati è presente qui.

Mentre in questi giorni non dovrei fare altro che pensare ad aggiornare il portfolio e il sito e a preparare la quantità di cose che di solito si fanno prima di catapultarsi in un lavatrice continua di 4 giorni, la consegna di un libro mi ha tenuta fin troppo legata alla scrivania, e il tempo per scrivere di eventi, mostre, ecc. se ne è già volato via. Pentita, mi siedo con le ginocchia sui ceci, ma vi segnalo per farmi perdonare, una serie di articoli scritti da una delle giurate della #BolognaBookFair 2014 di quest’anno, Anna Castagnoli. Anna ha gentilmente aperto una finestra sulla sua esperienza da giurata per la mostra, con tutto l’entusiasmo, le perplessità, il tempo che corre e gli attacchi di fame che ne sono conseguiti :)

Potete leggere i suoi post a partire da qui (sono 4 post in tutto) 1 e poi vi consiglio la lettura del capitolo finale, quello dove si riflette sui nuovi stili nell’illustrazione  2.

Buona lettura a tutti, io vado in Balasana (posizione del bambino, che mi pare quanto meno azzeccata) e  a presto con le foto della mostra di Bologna :)

1969192_10203011792008335_269420607_nIsabel Minhos, Anna Castagnoli, Kitty Crowther, Errol van der Werdt

Qui sopra i quattro giurati al lavoro, che discutono sulla selezione delle opere per la mostra. Quella macchietta rossa a destra… sono io :)  ( Grazie mille Anna per la foto!)



Feb 26 2014

Auzou:Cherche et trouve les différences! OUT NOW :)

9782733825051fs“Cherche et trouve les différences!” is out now!It’s a fun book of  25 pages of games where you can mark the differences with a water based marker.  I made this book few months ago (summer 2013) and is finally out! :D You can find it here! CLICK!

Feb 20 2014

Society of Illustrator 56° show, NY.


In Zeixs they were planning a book called “52  illustrated cooking recipe”. The product will be done (soon!) in the shape of 52 laminated cards all contained inside a wooden box frame. I was asked to suggest some recipe from my own region and they gave me total freedom for the artwork style.
The idea for the naked lady came up easily, “gnudi” vulgarly means “naked” because it’s a main tuscan dish made with only the filling of Ravioli, so basically it’s ravioli but without their dress! Since they’re traditionally shaped in the form of a small ball, I think about them as a necklace who covers the private part of the naked lady. Then, I submitted the illustration for the 56° show of SOI and I happily discovered  I was into the show! We both flew to new york  for the opening (and especially because Simone won a silver medal in the show) even if it was freezing over there (-15°, gosh!). The show was amazing, hope this pic  can give you a hint of how much we were happy (and how much we partied) that night :)

“The premier showcase for illustrators and animators, the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition features over 400 pieces of the most outstanding works created throughout each year. Open to artists worldwide, thousands of entries are considered by a jury of professionals, which include renowned illustrators, art directors and designers. The original works are exhibited at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in three separate shows. The Sequential and Uncommissioned Exhibit features the year’s best multi-image projects and self-generated images made for self-promotion. The Editorial and Book Exhbit consists of art commissioned by newspapers, magazines and books. Finally, the Advertising and Institutional Exhibit features artwork created for advertisements and promotions. An Opening Award Galas for each part of the Annual Exhibition, Medals and Certificates are presented to the illustrators and art directors whose works are judged best in each category.”

You can find more about here, on the website of The Society.

Feb 4 2014

…personal update!


I need to catch up on some thing that I’ve abandoned lately, like this blog :) The first reason was obviously the time: writing a blog is so time-consuming and some time not rewarding, or sometimes you simply don’t have nothing to write about it. Those who have my friendship on facebook knows me well for this kind of behavior, I’m not a fan of social networks and I didn’t write or post something often - I’m quite the observer, you know? But not  in the creepy-stalking way, don’t get me wrong. Anyway, at one point, even the graphic style of this blog started to bothers me, and I stopped to post update or sketches or news. Like this one: I’m married. Yeeees, I’m a Mrs now. How old sound that? This was the card me and Simone designed for our wedding, I wish I could say we planned and we discussed about this idea of  the king/queen of hearts a lot,  but the truth it was that we decided to marry 3 months earlier, and we pratically race on everything. I choosed my dress a week after the proposal, Simone picked his suit a week  before the wedding. This card was a collaboration between me and Simo: I made my portrait ( I’m holding some croissant, a rolling pin and some pencils) and Simo made his (classic dude stuff: pizza, rock n’roll and his brush pens ) Besides all the joy of being a newlywed, I’ve made my 2014 resolutions and decided it is this time for this blog to change his style, it has been like this since I started with this adventurous life as an illustrator (2009) but in the meanwhile  I’ll start again to post something when there are news, even if the graphic of this blog make me puke.


Another news that is strictly connected with these photos (all by Giuli&Giordi ) is the fact that we did the restyle of the website for our lovely photographers - Giulia e Giordano -you can see their post about the restyle here (we made that in august, geesh!) Simone designed the new logo, and I did the patterns in the background and this cute little fox for their other website, about lifestyle photography - FoxEatingSkyr



That’s it for now, I’ll write soon with other old-news :)

all the photo are copyright of Giuli&Giordi

the polaroid was made by Typophrenic thanks girl!

Jan 24 2014



Heey I’m on Instagram (since april 2013) you didn’t notice? I post mostly sketches and stuff that you’ll nevernevernever see on the blog. I will probably post some other stuff too sometimes, but I’m still in the fase I don’t like to share too much of myself online, so don’t worry for duck faces :) Follow me here!